Local Bakeshops in Washington, D.C.

Hello, friends!

I’m finally recovering from the Thanksgiving holiday (and a few early Christmas traditions) and wanted to share some sweet snippets from my recent trip to Washington, D.C. The week before turkey day, my number one fan and I flew from Portland, OR to the nation’s capitol (a first for both of us) to explore the city.

Lincoln Memorial - Washington, D.C.
National Monument - Washington, D.C.

I only really had one must-see on my list (outside of the standard sites: White House, Lincoln Memorial, National Monument, etc.) — and that was Georgetown Cupcake. Several years ago, I used to watch way too much TLC, which was where I stumbled across the show DC Cupcakes, starring the two sisters who opened this bakery. After following their Instagram account for several months leading up to this trip, well, I HAD to go. Seriously, check it out, it’s a daily delight seeing the adorable cupcakes this place produces.

Georgetown Cupcake storefront - Washington, D.C.

After an afternoon of site-seeing, we walked down to Georgetown in search of the Georgetown Cupcake. There was a line out the door (that’s how you know it’s good). There were SO many flavor options, and since we were there just a week before Thanksgiving, they had several festive and fall-inspired varieties available. We opted for peanut butter fudge lava (easily our favorite), red velvet, milk chocolate birthday, vanilla birthday and vanilla & chocolate.

Georgetown Cupcake display - Washington, D.C.  Georgetown Cupcake decorating - Washington, D.C.

We took our pink box of cupcakes back to the hotel and dove in. We crushed 3 in a row and then had to muster some self-control and save the rest for later. They were AWESOME. I was mentally prepared for the possibility of an over-hyped treat seen on TV but they were absolutely worth the trek from downtown, the wait in line, AND the second trip we made to the shop a few days later so we could bring some home to Portland.

All of the cupcakes were so fresh and topped with a fluffy mound of frosting. The seasonal peanut butter fudge lava had a fudge center and peanut butter frosting. I think between the 2 trips to the shop we bought 5 of these. Not ashamed.


The second trip we picked up a pumpkin cheesecake (with a graham cracker crust bottom, it was so bomb), chocolate mint fudge (yum!) and strawberry (yes!). Oh my gosh, I’m so glad I discovered you can actually order their cupcakes online and have them shipped to you because they are THAT good. They have daily specials and monthly specials so flavor options are always changing and right now their Christmas lineup is adorable and no doubt delicious. ????????

mint_chocolate_georgetown_cupcake strawberry_georgetown_cupcake

Another one of the days in Washington, D.C. we wandered into a local coffee shop called Three Fifty Bakery and Coffee Bar that turned out to be really great. If we had one of these in Portland I would definitely visit often. I suppose I should mention what a snob I am when it comes to baked goods, because in my experience, most places I’ve ordered a little muffin or a slice of banana bread from behind a glass case I wind up disappointed at it’s dried out consistency and think how I could have made it better at home. To my relief, that was not the case here. ????

Three Fifty storefront - Washington, D.C.

Three Fifty was just so cute and quaint and tucked in a little colonial-style neighborhood. It was a beautiful, sunny day in November so I opted for an iced coffee and a seat outside. I ordered a tasty pumpkin cream cheese muffin and really enjoyed their atmosphere and fresh, moist little breakfast treat.


All in all, Washington, D.C. was a success, especially in the sweets department. ????


Thanks for reading, I will be back soon with a very fun Christmas-y cookie ????update and recipe to share!

With sprinkles on top,
Love, Britt




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