Britter’s Bakery: Spring Roundup!

Hello there!

I know I’ve been MIA for a couple months, but it’s not because I haven’t been baking! I certainly have been baking a LOT this spring, and I’ve found myself a little backlogged in treats, well, backlogged in photo editing if we’re being honest, so I thought I would share a little “spring roundup” of what I’ve been working on.

St. Patrick’s Day

The last time I posted was in March, which was a month I had several fun creations in the works. First off was a lucky little St. Patrick’s Day cake. 🌈

St. Patrick's Day cake

I really wanted to play around with some fun rainbow colors when decorating this St. Paddy’s Day cake, so I used a rainbow cake topper I had in my stash (from the Target $1 bins of all places) and a couple layers of Air Heads Xtremes candy strips to wrap the bottom of the cake.

St. Patrick's Day cake

A few gold foil chocolate coins were a fun touch, too! Btw, this was a chocolate cake with vanilla bean frosting.

My Birthday

My birthday soon followed and I was pretty excited to make my own bday cake. A fresh shipment of Sweetapolita sprinkles was burning a hole in my sprinkle cabinet (yes, you read that right, I have an entire cabinet full of sprinkles) and I was craving a classic yellow cake and chocolate frosting recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction. It’s hands down my favorite yellow cake recipe, which I stumbled across last year and have made many times in both cupcake and layered cake form.


I also wanted to play around with some new decorating techniques, so I experimented with a chocolate ganache drip (still needs a little work) and some decorative (and edible) meringues, tinted in pastels, to doll up the top of the cake.

This was my first time making meringues or even trying one (they’re basically a fancy homemade marshmallow). My first batch came out looking like little round blobs, so the second time around I really whipped the egg whites so that the meringue mixture kept its stiffness as I piped out different shapes with various frosting tips. They were a fun touch!


I had several new Easter-themed cookie cutters I was excited to use this year (I mean just LOOK at those adorable carrots!). I used my classic Sugar Cookie recipe to create these hoppy little bunnies. 🐰

Easter Sugar Cookies

I’ve found that making a “Britter’s Bakery” cookie display for each holiday is quite fun! I shared my Valentine’s Day version on this post.

Cake & Cookie Orders

Over the last couple months, I’ve had a couple custom sugar cookie and birthday cake orders. Sorry, most of these treats were a bit camera shy, or more accurately, the few quick pics I did snap were not the most flattering or “blog worthy.” Oops. One order consisted of sunflower cookies in various sizes, another was for a girl’s superhero birthday party, where I made old school superhero-themed cookies (ZAP! POW! WHAM!), cupcakes and a birthday cake with custom superhero cake toppers. The latest cake was for an 8-year-old’s skydiving-themed birthday party, so I made this little blue cloud cake. 🎂

Cloud Cake

Thanks, Sydney for snapping this shot for me at the party! 📸

Whew! Now that I got all of these sweet creations out of the way, I’ll be back to share another recipe with you all very soon. Happy baking!

With sprinkles on top,

Love, Britt

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